Preserve memories, scans as low as 19 cents!
Sharp, vibrant digital prints.
We only use Kodak Royal paper.
Speed, pick-up in as little as 4 Hrs!
High Quality Pro film processing.
Picture CD’S.
Cut negatives and slides to CD.
Print to print scanning jobs.
High Res Jpeg or Tiff output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Kellards print the images?

A: Kellards uses state-of-the-art digital printers designed for professional photofinishers, which are meticulously calibrated each morning. These large printers precisely encode and transmit your image using laser technology, which is then processed using a silver halide chemical process, the same as found in traditional photo labs. We also use high-quality, Kodak Royal TM paper so your pictures look and feel great.

Kellards technicians enhance your images by correcting common photographic problems like exposure and color correction. Remember, it is often better to submit the image as it was originally produced from your digital camera than it is to try to make significant edits on your PC. We will take care of such adjustments for you.

At our labs, technicians work on the most advanced equipment and software and thus have the advantage of color-calibrated displays for consistently performing color and brightness correction.

Q: When will I receive my photos back?

A: If you wish to pick-up your order, you can pick-up at our retail location located at One New York Plaza New York, NY 10004 Usually the same day or the next day. Orders that are shipped are processed and shipped within 24-hrs 48 hrs. of the order.

Q: Why should I order prints online when I can print on my home printer?

A: Printing at home on inkjet printers is convenient, fun and provides you with prints immediately. To get good quality prints at home, however, your printer requires expensive paper and inks. And, even when you use special paper and inks, the prints that are produced are not permanent. Also, often a number of prints need to be made before the optimal sizing and color is achieved, which raises the cost per print. And the whole process may be time consuming.

-Here are 7 key advantages of having your prints done by Kellards Photo.

  1. The prints are "real" high quality prints that look and feel great.
  2. We use Kodak Royal photographic paper (which is permanent and fade-resistant) to insure your prints last a lifetime.
  3. We offer many print sizes, including the standard ones used in albums and frames.
  4. Our enlargements are ideal for framing, laminating, and even commercial use.
  5. Our pricing is comparable or even lower than the cost of home printing on cheap paper. Ordering via our Kellards Print Wizard is more time efficient than printing your own prints at home.
  6. Cropping done within our Print Wizard does not degrade image quality, whereas cropping done at home with images in jpg or jpeg format does reduce image quality.
  7. Our knowledgeable lab technicians take the time to review your images and correct common photographic problems such as under or over exposure and color correction.

Q: What does "recommended size for printing" mean?

Image Resolution  Maximum print size
less than 640 x 480 Only wallet-size prints recommended
640 x 480 Absolute minimum resolution for 4x6
(results will vary)
1024 x 768 Minimum recommended resolution for 4x6
1152 x 864 Minimum recommended resolution for 5x7
1600 x 1200 Minimum recommended resolution for 8x10 or larger                                                                         
A: When you order pictures, you may get a "not recommended" message. This means that the resolution of your picture is too low for the size of print you want. We recommend comparing the resolution of your pictures to our resolution guidelines. Using these resolutions as a guide will help you print the best pictures possible. (Please note that our recommendations are based ONLY on the overall resolution of your picture, and not on the overall quality or clarity of the original picture. We are not and cannot be responsible for the original picture being blurry or out-of-focus, even if there is sufficient resolution to be 'recommended'.)

Pictures that fall below our recommended resolution guidelines may look okay when viewed online, but will appear blurry and pixilated; that is, the image will appear blocky, with jagged rather than straight edges when enlarged and printed.

For large-format prints (11x14, 12x18), our recommendations are similar to those for an 8x10, although you may wish to help ensure the best possible print by using an image that is 3 mega pixels or larger. For large-format prints (1114, 12x18), our recommendations are similar to those for an 810, although you may wish to help ensure the best possible print by using an image that is 3 megapixels or larger.

Old damaged photos restored.
Editing, enhancing & alterations.
Custom collages and more.
Convert any old movie to DVD.
VHS/ Mini DV/8mm /Super 8.
Premium video and audio quality.
Custom photo gifts and keepsakes.
Photo cards, calendars, frames.
T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc!

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